Sunday, August 18, 2019

Guest Poet, Konrad Tademar, Shares... "Hidden..."


Have you seen the thick fog swirling on the train tracks?
I can hear the music as it bounces by light--
--cast by a hidden moon… like bees asleep in wax--
--hexagons… a careful angelic shade, pale white

Not all thoughts are concrete bricks, some are twigs cast free...
...drifting in tired waters at dusk of a stream
And the train, rides on, rails vibrating like the sea
The fog rises, the air... a crater filled with dream

Up ahead, the station beckons, dim yellow glow
No sign post, only a lonely stop, with highway--
--dust hidden across beige barren hills rolling slow
The sun has risen, but the fog remains steel grey
The train has left… the sounds have all faded, a cold…
...sobering wind is blowing from the East… brisk, bold.

August 16, 2019
Konrad Tademar
One day I stopped just writing poems and I became a poet. Poet. It was a change I did not plan for. From time to time I will share my poems...

It's good to be back at Book Readers Heaven! Konrad

Konrad, I really appreciate your allowing me to share, and complement, your
beautiful poetry from time to time.

Although the train vids are long and will need to be stopped, I just wanted to
dedicate and add the following song in memory of my Mom, of the Andrews
Sisters, we always said, and her two sisters. She loved their songs~
Miss you, Mom

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