Thursday, March 1, 2018

The President Wants Me Dead!

When the president of the United States secretly authorized a biological-weapon attack against Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as a homeland security experiment, he also decided, as a by-product of that decision, that once the experiment concluded, he would use all of his powers as president to see to it that his secret participation in that experiment would remain hidden forever. There would be no loose ends after he left Office to come back to bite him.

With today's political chaos so blatantly dividing the country, it was not easy for me to read a political suspense thriller without comparing some parts to today's headlines. At the same time, the plot of the book has no relationship to present activities... Except... the lies, coverups, and questionable actions by our government... Do we have the ability to trust our government? If not, can we remain patriotic and loyal? This novel places readers right in the middle to make a decision about...blind...loyalty...

What Do You Do When 
the President Wants You Dead

A Trace Austin Suspense Novel:

By Steven M. Roth

The Experiment had already occurred. The Secretary of Defense had wanted to test a bio-weapon--why not just do it in a place where they could control the experiment. The President had approved it. Everything went according to plan... What the results of that experiment was, we are not told. Were there casualties? Deaths? Was the use of the bio-weapon worth those results? Just as with other similar activities, we readers were not privy to the results... Secret experiments were to be kept secret, no matter what! This is book 2 of the series, but there is sufficient information for the story to stand alone...If I had more time, though, I would have gone back to start with the beginning of the series, since it is obvious by the ending that the series will continue and the series main character will continue to be tested!

Sometimes actions cause reactions and that's when the need to plan
CYA followup! The President knew what could happen. In fact, it already had and he didn't feel comfortable with the negotiated all!

Trace Austin and his wife had been in Fort Lauderdale when the entire site was fenced in and martial law was declared. Trace had tried some hacking to see how to get them out of town. Somehow, he discovered a copy of the entire experimental plan and learned that The President and Secretary of Defense had initiated and controlled the entire event! With his military background, Trace had negotiated to get them out of Florida and agreed he would not reveal his knowledge. Not trusting that agreement, he had also attached a backup plan which would be automatically activated if they were killed...

But what if you discover that there is NO PLACE TO HIDE?!

The President had an old childhood friend who had done "black op" jobs for him through the years. Monk had been given a list of those to be eliminated, preferably through what appeared to be accidents.

At the same time, however, somebody else apparently was out to obtain that hidden file and had started to destroy Austin's life...First, by Austin's being arrested for a family-of-three murder for which he had been arrested:

“Cuff the sonofabitch.” That was the last thing I heard before my face slammed against the hardwood floor, breaking my nose, splitting open my forehead, and unleashing a torrent of blood...
He tilted his head toward the document sitting on the side-table. “You can protest all you want downtown at the 2D station house once your husband’s been booked. Is there anyone else here besides you and him?” he said, nodding toward me. 
Isabella shook her head and stepped away. “You’ve got the wrong man. My husband wouldn’t kill anybody, let alone three people or a child.” 
“You obviously don’t know your husband very well, lady, else why was his DNA all over the victims and at the crime scene?” He paused long enough to squirt out a tiny smile, then said, “DNA don’t lie.”

As the bodies start falling, including Trace's first lawyer, at the same time, all of his finances have either been taken or frozen, Trace works vigilantly to figure out what and who is trying to destroy his family...

Confrontation with the Secretary of Defense was Trace's first move, demanding that the President be contacted... And the lies began...

It is not easy to watch a husband and wife attacked by the government, especially when you realize there is no place to hide. What would you do? I'd do exactly what Trace Austin did if I were able! But then readers are left with a hanger lead-in to the next book...I'm hoping I read this main character as he appears to be...I'll be watching! 

I do recommend that you check out this political suspense thriller, but I'd also recommend that you start with the first book. The concept, plot, and characters are quite believable and those interested in our interaction with the government of our nation, will find it intriguing, powerfully written, and a book that will force each reader to examine their own loyalty! Kudos to the author!


Steve Roth has written a three-book mystery series featuring his Washington, DC Chinese/Greek - American private eye — Socrates Cheng — and a two-book thriller/suspense series featuring ex-Navy SEAL, Trace Austin. He currently is working on the first book in a new mystery series that takes place in Shanghai in the 1930s.
The first book in Steve’s Socrates Cheng mystery series — MANDARIN YELLOW — can be download free at
Steve holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and history from Pennsylvania State University and a law degree from Duke Law School. He is retired from private law practice and lives with his wife in Washington, DC.
Visit Steve’s web site ( for more information about his existing books and to sign-up for his occasional newsletter giving information about Steve’s upcoming books.

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