Monday, February 19, 2018

Adolph Caso Presents The Sermon

The Sermon

By Adolph Caso

Under the control of Spina bifida,
His voice strong, multi directional,
And, aimed at every individual in his church,
Biju, (as he was named)
Was born with the deteriorating disease
That plagues everyone,
Including, Biju.

From visits to doctors and hospitals,
He received no reprieve;
He also sought the intervention of God--
Multiple times,
All in vain.
At wit’s end,
With God not responding,
He lashed out in despair:
God protected others and not him!

Why was God not listening, while being open to others?
He complained.
“I need help, and you are denying it to me!”
He yelled in despair.
His joints full of pain,
He admitted that
He came close to denying God’s divinity
Let alone his existence.
“Why should you doom me as such--
To walk as I walk,
When others walk with no pain,
And no waddling?”

Having reached the conclusion
Of giving up on God
And of divesting himself of his religion,
He made a second attempt.

“Could it be:
“I am asking the wrong question?”
He asked himself.

“Should I beseech God for favors,
“As I do in each prayer?
“Is God the conduit to good or bad health?
“Is God the vehicle in denying or fulfilling personal dreams?
“Is God the replacement for doctors without cures?”
“Is God’s role to re-route Nature’s laws--
“Including Destiny?”
“No!,” he concluded.
“No, no, no!”
His heart relieved,
He stopped to reflect:
“Do I ask Caesar to give me
Things which he does not possess,
Or able to grant…?"

After a few reflective seconds,
He admitted to the possibility that
He was asking the wrong questions.
With that realization,
He donned his priestly cloth--
As a better shepherd,
And marched with full confidence,
Strait away to the church—

Enlightened as never before,
His pains notwithstanding,
First he genuflected.
The large consecrated host firmly in hands,
He raised his arms high above his shoulders
In the direction of Heaven,
Where he held it for many seconds
Defying  both
His veritable Spina bifida
Gravity itself.

I always wait until I am working on
Adolfo's poetry to add to it...
Most songs seem to come to me
But the last one I had never heard before...
Adolfo, I believe your words brought it...
God Bless you and your powerful words!

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