Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I've been to Norway for Christmas - Come Along to Learn About the Culture in "The Land of the Midnight Sun"

The Altafjord in Alta, Norway bathed in the Midnight Sun. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight.

If you Were Me and Lived in Norway:

An Introduction to Learning About Other Cultures

By Carole P. Roman

I don't know about you, but I've traveled to more countries and learned much since I've been reading Carole Roman's cultural series... Since it the holiday season, I'm doing a little bit extra...just to celebrate and share the Christmas spirit with your children!

For instance, the first new thing I learned about was that Norway is known as The Land of the Midnight Sun! For parts of the year, the sun never sets and shines all day and all night. Now I did know that there are parts of the world where it is just the opposite--that the sun never shines for long periods of time. Me, I'd rather live in the land where the sun shined more! All the better to read, right?! LOL

Oslo is surrounded by green hills and mountains.
It has 343 lakes and two rivers.
If you lived in the capital city, Oslo, you might visit the center for Parliament...

Or maybe even visit and see an Opera!

And wouldn't it be wonderful to live so close to the water?!

If you are a boy, you might be called Gunnar, Magnus, or Bjorn. 
If you are a girl, your parents could have called you Birgitte, Anne, or Hellena

The kroner is the type of money used. Some have a small hole in the center! Can you figure out why this would have been done?

Now you kids might like to stay at the Kirkenes Snowhotel! But I'd rather not! LOL

From there you can see the aurora borealis... Remember, we've viewed them before, but here's a pic to help you remember. Check out the beautiful sky behind the hotel... But, wait, also look at the snow sculpture on the right! You'll be able to see closeups of a snow bear and a snow rabbit in the book!

Now here's something I'd like to do--go on a dogsled trip with huskies pulling our 
sled! Wow! I'd be the one in the blue all cuddled up, while you could also go skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing! I sure would like to go to Norway, wouldn't you?

Hey, it's time to go eat lunch... how about a smorbrod? And a vaffel with krem for desert?! Ja?

If you can't go during the Christmas holidays, then maybe look to May when they celebrate the signing of their constitution!

I don't know about you, but this was one of my favorites in this great introduction to the cultures of other countries! Check out at least one or two and share them with your children--let them decide! But I'll bet they enjoy them! Highly recommended...


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