Monday, September 22, 2008


Well... I never thought I would say it! But I'm happy to be back on...dial-up!

During the last week, I was having telephone problems, so I went to Radio Shack to pick up another low-cost telephone to check out if that was my problem...

While there I was introduced to Sprint's Mobile Broadband and promptly signed up...

Fortunately, they give you a 30-day test period!

Can you think of anything slower than dial-up as a connection? Well, it was not only slower, it kicked me off so often, that I just closed up shop and turned my computer off!

Now to give the benefit of the doubt, I learned I was located where they called their service "fair" and given the time of the year, being surrounded by a lot of beautiful trees, I probably did not have the environment to use this process, so I'll not consider that I gave it a good test for anybody else's consideration.

In any event, a female telephone technician came calling at my door this morning, checked and repaired everything, and I'm back! and excited about it!

Who knew?

So, bottom line, I've missed reading you guys and have lots of catch-up! But, I'm glad I'm back online!

Have a good day...and God Bless!

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