Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you Want to Enhance your Intelligence and Understanding - Challenge 5

Your Exceptional Mind:
Enhance Intelligence; Expand Understanding
By Robert J. Flower, Ph.D.
The Gilchrist Institute Publishers
ISBN: 0-9759501-2-6


Do you feel you have achieved what you want in your life? Or, are you just starting out and have major goals toward which you are moving? Robert J. Flower, Ph.D., wants to help you answer these important questions! Your Exceptional Mind is Dr. Flower’s latest book in introducing what he defines as our innate natural thinking and intelligences.

When individuals say, “I want to be exceptional, I want to be successful...” they are, in essence, making a commitment...to work, to strive “to be all that they can be” as others have said. This is not easy and requires dedication! There are “four prime factors which limit our achievement: fear, ego, ignorance and self-deception.”  In other words, it is we, ourselves, that limit our own achievement!


So, how do we work around, or eliminate, these limitations? Even in the Foreword, Dr. Flowers starts, by saying, “I found truth!” Further, “seeking truth is never easy...The secret to discovering truth is being willing to accept wherever it leads you...and be prepared to give up control and follow blindly.”


I think for many of us, giving up control is extremely hard to conceive, little on, implement! I know I have the problem. And I would even admit that my need to retain control is based upon one or all of the four limiting factors. And like many of you may be able, I can even trace it to a point in my life; i.e., for me, when my position was eliminated—or in my words—I was fired, after nearly 38 years working at one institution.


Dr. Flower responds, “Research has found that if you take exception to and challenge your negative thought patterns in an emotionally charged fashion, you will be more likely to get over them.” (p. 104) I know this is true intellectually and with Dr. Flower’s help, I hope to succeed!


One of the amazing points shared by Dr. Flower is that his book(s) packages basic fundamentals of understanding—the underlying human dynamics that control our lives. (p. vi). Consider these words:


·Focus ·Beliefs ·Expression ·Models ·Order

·Measure ·Reflection · Details ·Whole ·Functions

They are not new to you, are they? Yet, consider just the first one: “Focus.” How many times have you been unable to do just the simple act of focusing on a topic? Perhaps your mind is troubled with problems at home, or that deadline you have at work, or there may be an illness or a death in the family.

Dr. Flower suggests that we must “always focus on the development of our potential.  Wow! (p. 107) Each of these words represents one of our intelligences. Using the above example, you may quickly realize that implementing each intelligence to move toward success and toward developing an exceptional mind will be difficult. But, Dr. Flower has assured me that once it clicks, it’s easy!


Are you ready to start? Then, this book will be a must-read for you.


"When we die, God asks us just one question; what did you do with what I gave you?"—Robert J. Flower




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