Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gather.Com Challenge

I am an active member of Gather.Com...if you don't know about this site and would like to know more, go check it out, or ask me!

In any event, I accepted a group challenge to read 50 books this year...and promptly explained that it would be no real challenge for me!  I've merged two updates and provided them here, trying to keep some kind of master list of my past "reads."




I just joined this group!  It's a challenge to read at least 50 books within one year.  That's no challenge, but I thought it would be fun to keep track and verify how many I do read! I've tried this on Amazon--you know, they ask you to note all the books you read so that they can make better suggestions. Ha! I couldn't keep that up...was just to much trouble just to have other books recommended!

Soooooooo...I'm back dating my start to January 1st, because I just happened to have the books stacked that I've read recently.  Why? Well, I do various things with my books--some I keep, mostly those by my favorite authors.

Some I pass on to my niece...  or neighbors

Some I donate to my local library...

A lot of them I first share with an elderly friend from church and then when she returns them, I make my decisions what to do with them...

                                                                    * * *

Today I finished A Crime of Innocence, written by Father Patrick Bascio.  I did two book reviews for his last two books, Priest to Mafia Don and Defeating Islamic Terrorism: The Wahhabi Factor. Both of those are available on Gather. I noticed that the Father had also written A Crime of Innocence, which I immediately ordered. This book had an interesting twist to it--three people, a brother and sister and a priest, all wind up going to the same psychiatrist.  All trying to deals with their memories of a young woman who had been killed many years ago.  A good psychological thriller if you like this type of book!

Yesterday I finished Romeo and Juliet! See my review submitted today.

January 8th I finished a manuscript, Ice on Fire, by Deborah Ledford. That review is also available here on Gather and Deborah is a Gather member!

No, I don't review all the books I read...don't have the time!

Here are the others that have captured my interest since the first of the year:

Patricia Cornwell - Book of the Dead*

The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers - Lilian Jackson Braun**

Iris Johansen - Stalemate*

Fern Michaels - Hide and Seek


My "read" stack started to fall over, so I figured I'd better do another update for the 50-book challenge!

The following are books I've reviewed. All are available on Gather!

Forgotten Promises by Denise Skelton 

Frogmen First Battles by Schofield and Carisella

Loving Joe Gallucci by Kate Genovese

Money for Nothing by Edward Ugel

Generation Ageless by Smith and Clurman

Player Related by Shadrach Linscomb 

Next are NY Time Authors

Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson*

A Stranger is Watching by Mary Higgins Clark 

Executive Power by Vince Flynn

Killing Fear by Allison Brennan

Puss 'n Cahoots (collection)

The Fifth Victim by Beverly Barton

The Haunting of Josie by Kay Hooper*

The Murder Game by Beverly Barton

Scent of Danger by Andrea Kane

Wizard's Daughter by Catherine Coulter*


Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant (Lyrics and CD in book form)

*Favorite Author


Total since January 1 = 27

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