Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Interview with Author Shadrach Linscomb

I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn a little more about Shadrach Linscomb, author of Player Related plus two other novels, a novel I recently reviewed. Check out his ambitions in writing for the future!                               

1)      Where are you from?                fileId:3096224744635561                                        

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Even though, San Francisco is known as a popular tourist city in the United States, I spent my childhood between two marginalized communities, Bayview Hunter's Point and Lakeview (Ingleside District). Bayview Hunter's Point is known throughout the Bay Area and some parts of California as being a tough area of San Francisco and the neighborhood, Lakeview is similar, but on a much smaller scale. My earlier days were in Bayview Hunter's Point and I spent my late teen years in Lakeview (Ingleside District).

2)      What inspired you to write your novels?

When I was about eight year of age I was told by school staff that I was severely speech impaired. So I started writing short stories and poems to share with friends and family. Writings became my outlet and my way of communicating. Later in my early college days, the works of Langston Hughes, Ernest Gaines, Alice Walker, and Walter Mosley inspired me to continue my writing and display my work to a larger audience. 

3)      What made you think you could write novels?

Getting positive support from teachers and friends was helpful, but reading different authors' styles of writing really convinced me that I too can write a novel.

4)      Do you plan to write more novels?

No, it is time for a new journey. I am in the process of creating text books and reading comprehensive books. My plan is to write text books that assist professionals in the field of social work and a reading comprehensive book for teens in an urban environment. I look at it as trying to combine fiction and non-fiction together to make a powerful educational tool. I will use my ability and passion to write stories to help better understand complex issues in the fields of social work and education. I believe that literature can play an important role in helping us understand our world better.

5)      Are you doing anything other promoting your book right now?

Yes, I am extremely busy. Currently, I'm a doctoral student in a school of education, full-time County Social Worker, and novelist at night.

6)      When did you consider yourself a writer?

Well, I considered myself a writer ever since I was a little boy.  I also believe that storytelling plays an important role in our society, as human life is full of events that could be told as a story.

7)      Do you strive for a specific writing style?

When I start to write I really do not have a specific writing style in mind. Once the protagonist is delivered from intangible status to paper, he or she takes over.


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