Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Latest Deception Book Best So Far!

 Deception’s Legacy By Jacqueline G. Randolph 

Randolph’s latest book in her “Deception” series, Deception’s Legacy, is a stunning complementary addition!  In fact, in many ways, it surpasses her first two books, Deception’s Guard and Deception’s Fury, in this reviewer’s opinion.  And that is saying something! 

In addition to action-packed adventure, Deception’s Legacy, brings us significant historical information and a major surprise in the life of one of our main characters, Skye, who, even in her 70s is actively involved in her family and in her former career as a DEA agent. Set in two primary time periods—1966 and 2030—the story also takes readers back to the time of the Spanish Inquisition. And there is where I would like to begin in sharing the story. 

Evil people use whatever they can to justify hatred and prejudice.  During the Spanish Inquisition, which was instigated by Queen Isabella and sanctioned by Pope Sixtus IV, in 1483, theft, torture, and murder were routinely committed against all those in Spain whose only crime was that their faith and belief was not sanctioned by the Catholic Church! In Palomares, Spain, these outrages were planned and executed by “Don Cristobal,” which represented both a family as well as the nobility who held the title at any given time.  These men were thrilled to use religion to cover their lusts and they were quite willing to choose Marranos--Jews and Muslims especially--as their victims.  Each generation excitedly considered how to “improve” and “surpass” the atrocities of the previous Don Cristobal. Using this background, Randolph moves between 1966 and 2030, presenting two exciting storylines, separately but ultimately connected in an explosive confrontation that is truly unforgettable! Jim, a training instructor, was commanded to fill a last-minute staffing problem and fly as standby pilot on a nuclear airlift mission—Chrome Dome. In 1966 the last missions were flown which carried nuclear bombs over Palomares, Spain.  This novel recounts the horrific nuclear accident that occurred during the ill-fated mid-air refueling. But there in the midst of tragedy, a wondrous love story began.

Rosita had found Jim after he had parachuted/crashed; using that parachute, she was able to finally pull him into a cave in which she had been hiding.  When Jim finally awoke, dazed, he saw her—she was bruised and bleeding, almost as badly hurt as he was.  His first thought was that one of the nuclear bombs had exploded and it was already too late—she was evidence of what had happened.  Rosita cradled the black man in her arms.  She did not know that Jim was one of the few African-American pilots; all she knew was that he was hurt and she tried to comfort him.  As time passed, a young boy, Rosita’s friend, came to bring food to her.  Finding the stranger, he stayed and when the man awoke, he used what little English he knew to try to communicate. The nuclear bombs had not exploded; Don Cristobal, to whom she belonged, had hurt Rosita.  She was pregnant, her third, for Rosita was a Marrano, and Don Cristobal could not allow another Marrano to be born, so he would beat her until each baby died!  He was looking forward to killing her third child, still joyously following the commands established so long ago.  Rosita had escaped to protect her baby.   

Jim knew, however, that neither he nor Rosita would live if they didn’t get help. Finally, he was able to make Rosita understand that she must go for help; he sent her with evidence of his existence and she looked until she finally found the one other black man who was stationed in Spain, thinking that would be who would help them.   Knowing that Rosita would be killed if he didn’t further help her, Jim claimed that Rosita was his wife and that she was carrying his child.  What appeared to them to be a miracle resulted in Rosita later being on the plane that was carrying Jim back to the States.  Decades passed before how they escaped was revealed—what a story!  

Although Skye had tried to dissuade him, her son Tristan had followed in her footsteps and joined the DEA.  In 2030, Tristan was assigned to Spain and was quickly immersed in a major effort to trace drug smuggling activities.  The assignment required Tristan’s search of the ruling Don Cristobal’s castle.  There he found the hideous evidence of what these men had done, and were still doing, in the name of the Catholic Church.  Unbelievable perversions had been documented--each generation trying to be more heinous than the one before!  Now they were using drugs as one of the latest methods by which Marranos were murdered. Now they were not really too careful whether it was just Marranos that were affected! 

Tristan encounters include fun impersonations, exciting near-death experiences (when his parents come to his rescue) and, finally, in his finding his own soul mate. Surprise after surprise keeps the reader turning pages, striving to keep up with what is being revealed!  There is NO way I’m going to even hint at what happens at the end!


Needless to say, Randolph gets better and better!  Her third novel in the Deception series is excitingly new and historically significant.  Randolph continues as one of my favorite and MUST-READ authors.  If this book sounds interesting, trust me...get the first two books and start at the beginning of this unique family saga!  

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