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What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven! - I'm So Excited, Just Can Hide it...


It's past midnight And I Am Wide Awake, even while my eyes are drooping from lack of sleep... Finally couldn't stand them any more and got up to pull off the tight leg hose that will help keep away blood clots. I barely was able to pull off the single hose on my good leg, so I'm sitting here with the hose down around my ankle of my left leg, since I can't figure out how to get it off, without bending down beyond the 90 degree bending angle...which I had to have somebody tell me exactly when I should stop and move no further... LOL... Seriously, I have had no major experience in dealing with my health issues in such a continued concern... So, it's been a frustrating, but yet fascinating learning experience. I appreciate for maybe the first time, just how much care and support is provided to all those who cannot meet basic self-care needs. Sending out many thankful emotions to all of those in medical care, food service care, custodial care...and a great big hug of God's love to all nurses, surgeons, doctors and others who God has given them the gifts as well as the much-needed desire, to truly serve another.

I have been sympathetic to those professionals such as Dr. Fauci, who, as a long-term competent professional in the disease control area found himself and family (and like many others) who are being bullied or harassed because changes in Covid protocol could never have been totally up-to-date... And it is only by being inside of a medical assistance facility that your eyes are opened. Gabbie will be talking about this more on my now-active sister blog, Just My Personal Opinion... Hope you'll visit there, even if my thoughts are more opinion pieces from a gal who's been around many more years, chronologically, speaking than many of those following me.

But, you know folks, all of us has so many different facets that make up our complete personality--the one we each think of as a total package of who has been given a specific name and identity.

This evening, the first song that came to mind about what
happened to me during one of the strangest, yet wonderful time periods in my life, was I'm So Excited, a clearly secular song; but the video revealed just what happened when "Gabby" Came Out!  By that I mean, that, because I've developed my word skills so much through reading and experience, I know that each and every word can be used in both good ways and...bad ways...
Thomas Harris, in His Book, I'm OK; You're OK, referred to the three parts of our personality that makes up the complete individual. They are merely simple references that we all know...and easily use as talking words in sharing about how we are...inside...where it is most important for our personal well being. the Parent, the Child and the Adult... that makes us unique, an identity.

It's one of my favorite books in the, what I consider, the self-help genre and was most effective in helping to analyze just who Glenda Bixler was... and is! The Parent is that part of Me that was developed during early years when our parents, or lack thereof, most influence our lives. We gain much from those who provide parental support. Again it is worth repeating that we must also be aware that not every individual has received positive feedback from the Parent situation.

The Child, of course, is just what you would think. She is that inner child that could be insecure, or well-loved, or, sadly, fearful. I chose the above icon to represent Gabbie, who just happens to have rediscovered Her Child--you know, that "second childhood" that many of you might have heard reference to, but wasn't quite sure exactly what that meant... Well, that's understandable! What I now consider my second childhood is that joy, that assurance of Love, and especially of God's love in my life. I call it my second childhood because during my Adult life, in reality, most of it was spent in working, trying to do what we needed to do to get basic support for food, lodging and more. People like me make up the majority of the world, don't you think?  Often, sadly, many have found that in the America in which we now live, our joy was lost, shoved back into the recesses of our mind, where all our energy was just spent in "living and getting by..."

I should explain that the Adult is used by Harris, to show that time in our lives when all three combine and that the parental harsh feelings that some of us might have had, together with the Child, who had stumbled and fled inwardly, into the reality of the Today, hopefully, when we are able to evaluate what our parents taught us (or that we learned through just living with those parents,  and whoever they are, together with that fun happy person we hid...and evolve by being able to see clearly all parts of our selves and make logical Adult decisions related to whether we should reject parts of those years early in our chronological lives. Harris, begins with the individual realizing, perhaps that I'm Not OK, But You Are OK... 

In any event, if that has been an intriguing intro to how I've lived along the way, sometimes not being OK, but moving forward to being in Full Adult Mode...That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts from God. He gave us total control of our Will. By doing so, he gave each of us the Option to Make personal decisions that range in complexity to the beginning of life through to our death. We are always changing, making decisions, and God loves us enough to recognize exactly where we are in our lives... And if we make a personal decision that proved to be a wrong one, then I Believe, He is right there with us, checking out the changes to the GPS, and working to reroute our lives more toward What He Wants for Us--to Know His Love.

Notice that Gabbie is kicking her cane up in joy rather than having to use it to help support her painful body. And that's exactly how I felt after surgery when  hip replacement was placed into my body to substitute for the bone that had slowly deteriorated to the point that I could not easily function, except through the use of the wide variety of medical assistance tools, which have been envisioned and created by those to whom God has given the skill to be in some type of professional role in the medical field. I know that is a long thought, but I write it as the words came to me, hoping I am speaking clearly for all readers.

This was my truth. Within the span of a few hours, I had, in my personal ranking of my pain, moved from a ten to a two. And I was Soooo Excited, that I just couldn't hide it...and you know what? Gabbie saw what had happened and was so happy, she came out...and just couldn't stop...moving! And Talking! So, even as I was lying in bed, I got so excited that I just couldn't stop of pain after so long. I admit I might have gone a little overboard in volume of movement, but I tried to keep them within the Physical therapy guidelines I had been given for range of motion... The joy of movement was so freeing that I just had to...move! And I believe that my simple prayer had been answered. "Please have the right people there to fulfill Your Will in this latest physical issue that I was facing...

I'm not what some refer to as prayer warriors. I don't have the words to be repetitive over and over. I guess, for me, it's a matter of Trust. I Trust in God, no matter what would happen. But many, including myself, have found ourselves in recent years that we are not sure just who, besides God, that we can trust. 

Right now, I need to close my eyes. Taking care of my medical issues with my visibility is my next priority... But just as one of my favorite, older hymns says, I really believe, that God has given each of us the choice... We can {open our eyes and see His Truth of "reality"...or not... I wish, don't you? That it was indeed that simple. But I fully believe that Our Words, even if said first by somebody else, can be changed into a wonderful show of praise. My decision to Follow Him, No matter where He may go, is my Truth, which I'm hoping to share as another component of Book Readers Heaven, simply called, Just My Personal Opinion... See you There! 

Gabble And God Bless Us One and All...

Monday, May 16, 2022

Exclusive! Jack Ludefance is Back in Latest In Series by Behcet Kaya, Murder in Buckhead - Coming This Summer!

 America Needs A Jack Ludefance!

Played by Mark Harmon!?

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… Perhaps the fear of a loss of power. --John Steinbeck

Just one of the actions being taken against a politician...

His Truth is Marching On...

Most of us are lamenting what has been, and is, going on in America. The country is divided over many issues--violence and prejudice has become a norm for many. And corruption is rampant, oftentimes led by political opinions and incitement of hate. Lies are the norm, while Truth is whatever is claimed... and repeated over and over, even while contradictory, true, evidence is known to be available...

Into this environment, many writers are dealing with reality by creating heroes, for want of a better word... Good men and women who speak the truth, yes, but also do what is necessary to spotlight those who are corrupt and do the work to prove beyond a doubt, whose truth is real...and right... morally needed by citizens in a democracy.

Jack Ludefance, the man in a series created by Behcet (Ben) Kaya is a good man and an excellent Private Investigator. In his latest he tackles one of the worst kind of power-seekers. A politician who believes he is above the law. And if you disagree, you just may be in an accident that prevents reality to be spotlighted.

Beginning with the death of the Senator's son, Jack is contacted by the wife of the Senator to determine whether her son, indeed, had committed suicide, as had been announced as the official cause of death. In the meantime, he was also asked by the wife of that son to provide help--she believed that the Senator was going to take her life! Jack explained that he didn't provide bodyguard services, so he was soon being told about a good friend who had been killed by the Senator and would he take that case, and prove it, so that at least the Senator would be imprisoned... 

And the only way to begin considering the scope of what he was being asked to do was to begin background research... He quickly learned that the Senator was owner of lots of real estate and honed in on a small town, called Anslow, where there were many businesses carrying the Senator's name, Olmsted. Jack was soon heading for Georgia, figuring that in a small town, everybody would know what was going on...and probably willing to talk about it!

Skipping all the early life details, I started focusing on the senator’s purchases of business properties. There were numerous entries for properties, their locations, and the dates purchased. Pulling up a Google map of Georgia, it appeared all were located in South Georgia. I remembered DeShawn stating that nearly every county in the south has at least one of his gas stations, all named OLMSTED. The majority of the properties were purchased from either some form of business entity or from deceased family members. 
However, one listing caught my attention. It was for a property in the town of Anslow, located in Wayne County, and purchased from a buyer by the name of Olivia England. Curiosity led me to pull up a background check on Ms. England, who it appeared was a mere eighteen when she sold the property to the senator. Eighteen? Didn’t she have parents? Was this deal even legal? Comparing the size of the property and purchase amount with other similar purchases, everything appeared legit. Taking a closer look at Ms. England’s background, her timeline listed her parents died in 2014 when she was sixteen, she’d inherited the property from a relative by the name of Tsotne Kippling in 2015, and now at 21, she was currently a student in a dramatic arts school. Completing a Google search for Tsotne Kippling, there was one listing for him; an obituary dated August 17, 2015. Being a PI, I immediately smelled rotten eggs...

And rotten eggs was a great smell to follow... And where else to start but at a local bar, where he might meet someone who'd had enough to drink to be talkative...

Checking out of the hotel, I walked the short distance to the Greyhound Bus Terminal on Courtland Street, checked in, and received my boarding pass with my seat assignment. Three hours and 47 minutes later, we arrived at the tiny Greyhound stop at the outskirts of Anslow. 
A short walk into town took me to the main street where I easily located the Anslow Inn. Checking in was quick, after which I located my room and unpacked a few items. Returning downstairs, I decided to try my luck with Alec’s Bar and Grill for lunch where I sat down at the bar next to a man who appeared to be a local. He also appeared to have had a few drinks. Several empty glasses sat in front of him and the bartender was bringing him another. 
As he set the glass down, he looked over at me. “What’ll you have?” “Sam Adams?’ “Coming right up.” Looking over at the clearly inebriated man sitting next to me, I introduced myself and began what would become a most interesting conversation. “Jack Ludefance.” 
The man looked my way, “Bubba Sutherland. What kind of a name is Ludefance?” “Cajun. Originally from ‘Lusiana.’” “French?” “I am.” “You don’t speak like a Cajun.” “Lost my accent while I was in the navy.” 
“What brings you to our little town?” “Looking for property. Thinkin’ of settling in this part of the country.” “Yeah, we had a couple from New York move here. Didn’t stay long, though.” “Why’s that?” “Didn’t like it. Too quiet. They moved on closer to Savannah.” 
“Bein’ from the bayous, I’m used to quiet. Kinda nice, really. Seems like a nice quiet place you got here.” “It is.” “Just the one gas station?” “Yup. One gas station. One hotel. One grocery store, one newspaper…” 
“Is it privately owned? The gas station, I mean. The name Olmsted sounds familiar.” “Privately owned by the Senator Olmsted. He pretty much owns most of the town.” 
“The Senator Olmsted? The one who’s head of the Senate Arms Committee?” “That’s him.” “I knew he was famous, but I didn’t know he was wealthy.” 
“Wealthy? More than most people got a right to be. He’s also a crook…they’re all crooks if you ask me.” “Hmm. Live and learn.” “You seen his gas station over there…” “Yes…” “Know how he got that property?’ “No…” “Well, I’ll tell ya,’ Ludefance. He got it from an old man named Tsotne Kippling. Killed the man to get it.” 
“That sounds a little far-fetched.” “Now look. I didn’t mean the senator killed the old man himself, but he makes things happen. The old man wouldn’t sell his property to Senator Olmsted. Two weeks later, the old man’s body was found down by the town creek. According to the autopsy, he died from a Copperhead snake bite.” “But?” “But everyone in town knows the senator’s ‘men’ killed the old man. They just happened to be in town when Kippling died.” 
“Didn’t the local sheriff get involved?” “Huh…our so-called sheriff and Olmsted are tight as weeds.” “Sounds like something out of a fiction novel.” “Ain’t it supposed to be that real life is stranger than fiction?” “Sometimes. Yeah, I guess sometimes it is. 
Who are his ‘men’?” “Just so’s you know, one is called Dirty Bob and the other is Smokey Jim. They belong to a motorcycle gang called the Bandits. Mean as mean can be.” “Wow.” “So, now you know, friend. By the way, I have an appraisal business. I check out houses, land, you name it, when they’re for sale, check the structures, all that sorta thing. Here’s my card. we're quite well-known around this area, just as Sutherland had said. 
I immediately thought about Anna May Foster. Blaire had said she knew who had killed her friend. Was she afraid to give me the names? Next, I checked for the police report, which covered the details of the discovery of the body. Kippling lived alone in a small cabin on his property and was known to be in poor health. A neighbor who had grown concerned about not seeing Kippling around town, went in search and came across his body which had been there for several days. The autopsy reiterated the official cause of death as a Copperhead snake bite. It turned out to be quite a productive afternoon.

Don't you get tired of learning about politicians who have used the power of their positions to act criminally? It appears it has become even more prevalent during the last five years, even to the extent of the January 6th Insurrection which was the first-ever attempt to stop the, what should be routine, transfer of the position of president of the United States. Even now, The Big Lie continues and is told as "truth" by many republicans.

Why is it that all Americans are routinely arrested for any small or large type of criminal action, yet those who are rich and/or in power positions, often are not prosecuted or can even get away with...murder...

Don't you remember the infamous words of the former president when he claimed "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose votes. Since then violence, prejudice, and lies have been the forefront of our lives, at least until a new president was elected... And, then... it got worse, didn't it?

But not in Murder in Buckhead! Kaya has taken one of the most troubling time periods in our lives and allowed Jack Ludefance to get involved! I was loving all of the books in this series, but when I read the book which will be coming out soon, I fell in love and Ludefance, rose to the top of my favorite all-time Private Investigator. Robert B. Parker's Spencer and Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, had been holding strong as my top two. But then I saw, that the author had his own vision of Ludefance... None other than Jethro Gibbs! And, indeed, I was hooked and automatically seeing how Gibbs would handle a new character part! Sigh... now wouldn't it be fun to see Gibbs take on a scarred-face, alligator fighting, PI character who wants to make sure that good, honest people are always treated well, and have somebody who will do all he can to make sure that the power of the rich does not interfere!?! 

Not everybody can write in the first person and maintain a level of connection with the reader that was, for me, first achieved by Robert B. Parker... I would study his writing, seeing how he could connect the character with the reader through his use of dialogue and narrative... Spillane used a similar style... But it was not until this particular book that I quickly picked up on what was so fascinating to me about Kaya's Ludefance... It was exactly what we had seen so many years on NCIS! Ludefance cares, he's tenacious, he's not afraid of power and actually thrives on making sure the criminal is penalized AND the victim feels a great sense of justice has been provided... 

At least in the "best of Kaya's best"--so far! Murder in Buckhead, Coming This Summer! I loved just how "easily" it seemed to track down and document exactly what Senator Omsted had done and was doing...routinely... (Don't you wish we could see  faster action on the January 6th Insurrection criminals?! And that all those accused of such actions were not able to hide behind the power of money, position or political party?) 

But, other characters in this murder mystery also threw me into a quandry... You know, the ones you love to hate for such deception? Well, Kaya gives us that, too... Even if Jack's heart was once again deceived and left in pain... You know, I'm not sure that Jack should ever find another woman to stay in his life...At least not until he's too old to stand up for all that is right! And, even then, I can see Jack trying to solve just one more mystery... before...he can rest...and retire... All's well with the world...???

What more can an avid reader like me--and you, too(?)--want?!!!

Ok, Ok, I know, I've escaped into a fictional world for the last few days while reading Ben Kaya's books... But, then, we really can't see an end in our present reality, can we? We thought it would be taken care of through the change of our nation's leader... but The Big Lie just was followed by more and more lies, in all part of our lives!

Thanks to all writers like Ben Kaya, who are striving to present reality within a fictional world... perhaps hoping, like millions of readers like myself, that what is being said about morality, equal rights for all, and allowing each of us, as God Provided, Free Make Our Own Choices! Even with a little help by people like Jack Ludefance! And all Those Men and Women Who Speak out in support of TRUTH!

Tomorrow I'll be driven to the local voting site to cast my vote. I'm making a point in going the day before my surgery - to protest against all the garbage thrown out by republicans about voting issues, rights, and other disinformation spewed by such people as Taylor Carlson on Fox! Are you aware that a number of those who were participants in the January 6th Insurrection are running for office?! One QAnon member already has won in primary for Ohio... Others in Pennsylvania, where I vote, are acting as part of the latest Lie, Replacement Theory of Whites...Get Real!

Please recognize this as disinformation from republican radicals who are doing everything possible to incite hate for anybody who does not agree with their opinions! This has got to Stop, if We Want to Continue as a Democracy...

Ukrainians know the value of living in a Democracy. Vote for those who speak truth... and if you are not sure, check out multiple news distributors and listen to the reality--the Truth. Not doing so, well, you've seen how Putin has lied about everything for years, and especially about his invasion, and his terrible war crimes against, especially, women, children and the elderly... He kills indiscriminately. This is NOT fiction. Learn the truth...and, in Pennsylvania, tomorrow...


Except Liz Cheney and others who Speak and Act in Truthful Actions

Think Jack Ludefance
Think Truth and Justice

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Body In The Woods! Another Great Jack Ludefance Mystery by Behcet Kaya! Also, Treacherous Estates!


“Nothing so completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity himself, 

than straightforward and simple integrity in another.” 

--Charles Caleb Colton

He placed the industrial metal box containing his display device in the back of his black Mercedes SUV and thought about how proud he was of being a German. Oh, yes. Only Germans have the ingenuity to develop such a product. His current partner was a stupid man who insisted on playing by the rules. 

He knew now he hadn’t actually needed his old partner’s theory; that of deviating the radar’s rays into space by using Kirlian photography, resulting in virtually nothing being seen on the radar screen. After stealing the theory and prototype, he had taken it in a completely different direction. The principle behind his invisibility technology was unique. When the composite material he’d developed was combined in a liquefied form and applied to the fuselage of a fighter jet it would make the jet completely disappear off radar. He’d perfected what had originally been an experiment by Nazi scientists on a military U-boat during WWII. During the trials, two technicians had actually disappeared and the scientists who’d conducted the experiment were murdered during a raid in 1945. 

It had been six months since he’d sent all the employees in the company machine shop home and had conducted his final trial. He’d combined powder forms of green polymer, titanium, Inconel, copper, magnesium, and platinum, and one additional material that he’d discovered quite by accident. That element, which wasn’t even listed on the periodic table yet, he referred to as Hcirnieh. Without this material, the experiment would have been a useless waste of time...

He then slowly turned the knob backward to decrease the voltage until the coils and the rod appeared again. Perfection.


A horseback rider takes her routine trail in the woods and, suddenly, her horse doesn't want to proceed... She backs away and ties the horse to a tree before she walks back to discover...a body...

But not just any body. The partner of an old friend of Jack's. And the police already knew that he had been overheard threatening to kill the man!

Why? Because the partner was in the process of selling an invention that would make millions. Jack's friend did not want to attempt to sell it yet...and, in any event, selling to an outside country could be considered treasonous by the U.S. Government!

Heirich Hines was not a good man. He was brilliant, yet was willing to steal from others to get what he wanted. Even in negotiating with Vance McGruder to become partners in perfecting a new, amazing product, he had required that he retain all rights, while McGruder would just provide the money! As any egotistical sociopath, he was willing to take anything he wanted, including raping his housekeeper...

McGruder hires Jack Ludefance to discover who murdered his partner--the man he was accused of killing him. And the police were looking no further. Travel across the world with Jack as he has been unable to solve the problem, and just accidentally sees that an International Air Show was soon to start--a week-long event. It combined a major trade exhibition for aerospace and defense industries. What better place to go than where he could learn what was happening in relation to the newest improve-ments for air travel. Jack's tingling feelings had arrived!

During this book, Jack's emotional world is rocky as he is having trouble with a woman to whom he was looking toward a life with...and dealing with the somewhat sudden death of his father. In fact, one of the fascinating characteristics of Ludefance is his personal sense of integrity, a moral standard that allows just about anything to get to the bottom of a case, while being open to work with the police and others who deal with the legal system in a much more controlled fashion. In fact, this book ends with Jack in a major ethical issue which he alone can never solve. But in that acknowledgment he documents everything he knows or surmises...and ships it off to a close friend in Defense, who knows exactly how to deal with the situation... Then moves on, allowing others to do what they do best...

This book is one of the more exciting. At the same time, a reason that Jack Ludefance has become my No. 1 PI main character, is because Kaya places Ludefance in an entirely different type of situation in each book. The books are complex from discovering the whodunit, but having a wide variety of settings, unique characters, and, indeed, learning for the readers as we dive into each case with Jack!


Ludefance faces a new case, hired by, now, a dead woman...

Behind Every Great Fortune

Lies a Great Crime

--Honore de Balzac

On this particular late July Friday night, I was among the throng of diners sitting outside on the patio, enjoying a cooler than usual summer evening. After my dinner of barbecued ribs, baked beans, and Cole slaw, I settled my bill, moved to the patio bar and ordered a Samuel Adams. As I was taking a gulp from the large glass mug, I noticed a woman walk up to the stool next to me and sit down heavily. I glanced over, never missing an opportunity to check out a beautiful woman.

For some reason, my mind went into full alert. In a mere second, I took in the basic facts. She couldn’t have been more than five-foot tall, slender, with pale skin, symmetrical face, petite nose, dark eyes, and raven black hair. I couldn’t discern whether she was Asian or not. It seemed to me that she might have had surgery on her eyes to hide her ancestry. She was dressed simply, but eloquently in a blue blouse, white pants which were rolled up to her knees, and a white lightweight sweater. There were diamond earrings in her earlobes, and a gold ring on her wedding finger along with a large diamond engagement ring. Her hands were delicate with long, slender fingers, and her fingernails were perfectly manicured indicating to me that she has never done a day’s work; all adding up in my mind to a woman of class and wealth. She looked over at me with pleading eyes and discretely pushed a brown envelope she was carrying towards my hand. “Can you help me, Mr. Ludef…?”  Before she could finish saying my name, she slipped off the stool and onto the floor.

Everything began to happen in rapid fire. The bartender rushed around the bar, knelt down, and placed his fingers on the woman’s neck to try and find a pulse. He looked up at me, shaking his head. A second before calling 911, I folded and slipped the brown envelope into the inside pocket of my sweat-jacket. I dialed, gave the police my name, location, brief pertinent facts, and then took a picture of the woman with my cell phone.

As the other diners realized the seriousness of what had just happened, the shouting and screaming began and parents tried to shield their children from the dead woman sprawled on the wooden deck. It seemed only minutes to me, staring down from his six-foot-four, slender frame. He was cleanshaven, with a broad face and a wide nose that had been broken in his youth, and his hands were perpetually calloused. His Scandinavian heritage was reflected in his sandy brown hair. He was a man who found it difficult to say he was sorry, or even to say thank you; partially his way of camouflaging his true feelings. Above all he was a man of character.

How did I know all this? Lawson and I had served together in the navy for a good number of years, lost contact for a few more, then reunited after I’d moved to Santa Rosaria.

“Look, Deputy Lawson. I had nothing to do with all this. I was just having a beer and minding my own business until this woman sat down next to me and said, ‘Can you help me, Mr. Ludef…’ She didn’t even finish the sentence. The next thing I know she’s laying on the deck. I don’t know who she is or why she sought me out.” 

“Seems I’ve heard this story before. You have a nasty reputation of people dying around you.”

“You know better. That comes with the occupation.”

"And, you know the drill. Don’t leave town until we get to the bottom of this.”


Jack certainly wasn't prepared for working for a dead person! On the other hand, she had sought him out, handed him $20,000 for his fee.  Additionally,

Among the other items were birth certificates for two boys, a marriage certificate, and copies of off-shore Cayman Island bank account numbers. The last item I pulled was a photo that almost made me vomit. In the picture was an Asian girl whose throat had been slashed and a heavy-set man standing over her body, his back to the camera.

She hadn't even had to say anything, really. Including a picture of a man standing over a body of a girl with a slashed throat, said more than anything she could have told him...

Jack didn't really have a choice. His code of conduct had been ingrained early in his life. He would seek out the murderer of the girl...and try to figure out exactly what had happened...

And what he found was a rich man who took whatever he wanted and cared nothing about the results of his actions! The name of the woman who died was Lillian Holler, the wife of Jonathan, an export-import company owner... It was also easy to assume that Jonathan just might have been the man in the picture with the murdered woman that was in the envelope Lillian had handed to Jack.

Going into the investigation, Jack was soon making arrangements to talk to someone who had known Mrs. Holler. She was a high-priced prostitute, but Jack was willing to pay the $2,000 for a night, even if he planned to talk more than do what she was selling. Only, the tables were turned on Jack and he was drugged and quickly in a room talking with Jonathan Holler himself.

And the one thing he remembered, even after he'd been beaten and left for dead in the swamps, was that, Holler was not really the boss! And he had warned that Ludefance didn't realize exactly who he was dealing with!

I'm in the midst of rereading this last book, all of which I had read earlier during the time I was not able physically to create my reviews... But, when Ben (Behcet Kaya) contacted me to read his latest... I was so excited by it, that I went back to reread all of the books in the series which had not been reviewed, so far. Tomorrow, watch for my Exclusive reveal of Murder in Buckhead! Coming this Summer!

That will be my last post here at Book Reader's Heaven for awhile. I'm set for hip replacement surgery on the 18th. So, until the doctors and physical therapists know more, I won't know whether I'll be out of the hospital quickly, or into rehab...again...

So, once again, I'm seeking good thoughts and prayers from all of you and I'll keep you posted at Facebook on what's happening with me... Take care and God Bless! 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Jack Ludefance Returns in Appellate Judge Presented by Author Behcet Kaya


There is no calamity greater than lavish desires.

There is no greater guilt than discontentment.

And there is no greater disaster than greed.

The Way of Lao-tzu

Friday, October 6, 2017 The Honorable Judge Russell Hastings’ courtroom was located on the third floor of the Florida First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee, Florida. He was part of a panel of three judges including Judge Paul Mattingly and Judge Andrew Runner. They had been working together as a cohesive team for many years. In his late fifties, the judge had graying hair and a significant potbelly. With his Irish ancestry and love of good whiskey his face had taken on the familiar red splotches. His private chambers were located behind his courtroom at the rear of the courthouse. To the left of his desk was a floor-to-ceiling window open halfway, to his liking; a cool autumn breeze flowing in. To the right of his desk was the door to the courtroom, now locked. In front of his desk was the door to a back hallway which led down to the lobby. The door was secured and locked at all times with admittance acquired only by entering a security code which was changed frequently. 
Sitting at his desk, his back was to a wall which contained a floor-to-ceiling credenza overflowing with his sports trophies, numerous law books, a framed diploma of his law degree from Harvard Law School, and his certificate of passing the Florida Bar Association. He’d commissioned an artist to draw a picture of him arguing a case before the Supreme Court and there was a framed Time magazine cover of him as well. To the right of the credenza was the door to his private bathroom. On this particular day, after taking a final look at case notes left by one of his clerks, he leaned back in his leather chair, put one foot up on his hand-carved El Salvadoran oak desk, and played his favorite song on his violin.
The case at hand was an appeal by a large pharmaceutical company in a wrongful death lawsuit. He vowed to himself, as he always did, to remain impartial even though he did not care for the large pharmaceutical giants. He believed they never operated with fairness, but rather were a greedy bunch, putting profit above everything else. Judge Hastings checked his watch. Realizing he was now more than five minutes late returning to his courtroom, he set his violin down on his desk and gathered the notes into a file folder. He took another minute to use his private bathroom. 
Coming out of the bathroom, the judge was caught off guard at a stranger looming over his desk. But only for a moment. He took in the intruder with all his senses, noting the person was medium height, slim, with an athletic build, and wore a dark sweater and dark pants. “What are you doing in here?” He tried to reach his desk for the always loaded and ready Smith and Wesson. In a blink, the intruder moved behind him and with one hand pinned the judge’s arms behind his back; leaving him at the intruder’s mercy.
It then took only a few seconds for the intruder to grab the judge’s neck and pull his head backward in a secure grip. The judge struggled against the intruder; struggled against the feeling of being strangled. But at his age and with his protruding belly, he was no match for his adversary who was in top physical condition. The intruder, still holding the judge’s neck in a vice-grip, was astonished when the judge’s body went limp, slipped, and fell to the floor. Less than five minutes had elapsed. Judge Hastings’ lifeless body lay on the thick carpet and the murderer had vanished into thin air.

In a locked door, no access typical murder mystery, Jake Ludefance is faced with a death by heart attack, but considered murder because the attack was brought on by somebody who attacked Appellate Judge  Hastings whereby resulting in his death.

Judge Hastings had been due for court and, when he didn't arrive, had been found dead. Immediately, all the courthouse went into lockdown, and all within remained for questioning by the police. After a year of what appeared in the record to be an exhaustive investigation, Jake had been contacted, through her lawyer, to find out what had happened to her father. Cindy, who had been very close to her father and was infuriated that the case was still unsolved.

But Cindy had another major reason for being upset. Her mother was now, and was also before her father's death, involved in various affairs. Even though she had been told that her father had ED and had agree to her mother seeking outside involvement, Cindy felt it was the worst of betrayals for her father to endure. Thus, Cindy was now estranged from all of her family. And, worse, she had to beg her mother for the money which had been left in her hands, to conduct any type of investigation.

Cindy had done her research--she wanted Jack Ludefance who, by that time, had a substantial reputation for solving highly complex cases. And what Cindy wanted...she always seemed to get.

But, soon, after accepting the job, Jack began to learn that she had lied to him about her role, as the youngest child, being the one to request the investigation. Nevertheless, Jack had already signed the contract.

I'm in the midst of catching up on reading all books in this series. One more to go. Ludefance is a force that can move from gentle persuasion to extensive violence within a short time. He played, mostly, within the lines of the law, and usually working together with the local police. But his goal was to solve the case, a cold case that had been set aside... And whether the police liked it or not, he usually found the angle that had not been seen as possibly leading to the perpetrator(s).

With hacking help, he soon began to learn through reading emails of various people, just what could have happened... And he began traveling to interview all those that could have been involved, for instance, he checked with a confidential informer who could tell him whether "hits" were put out for anybody in the pharmaceutical company for which the hearing had been scheduled... And often, as he traveled he'd be listening to his hometown music...

And when he meets anybody new, and sees their staring at his long scar on his face, he simply says, "Alligator Bite..."

But he also has a lot of ex-military training and investigative experience... Quite simply, he's the best! And, quite simply, he's climbed to be the top PI fictional character for this reader. He's cool, dangerous, yet, surprisingly, quite caring! And I'd be seeking him out myself...for various reasons... 

And when Ludefance learns that the Judge was a part of a quartet, we get to hear a little more classic selections, as he conducts research on the members of that group which met every Friday...

He never knew when he would feel that tingling feeling that told him he was on the right track... But readers will ensure enjoy finding it, along with him! Watch for more in Kaya's Jack Ludefance PI series here at Book Readers Heaven! And enjoy what I've been having fun with, solving some of the mysteries...or not!? Then I leave it up to Jack! 'Cause you know I love it when the mystery is so complex that I don't realize whodunit! More Coming with Ludefance!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mother's Day! Jill Renee Grimm Prays From A Mother's Heart For Her Children

God has given me the ability to write prayers from my heart given the things I've encountered and what I believe in. So, in loving God and others, I thought sharing this prayer book would be the best blessing for my children and those that love the Lord. 

My children are very important to me. God would not have given these children to me if He thought I wasn’t going to be an important role in their lives. Being a mother who has prayed for my children before birth and after, I feel blessed, with four healthy children. It has given me something to sing and write about. I love them all equally. 

It’s not just food and shelter our children need. It’s being a parent who will take time to pray for their children, as well as with them. Praying is being in a relationship with our heavenly Father, praying pacifically for what is in our hearts and on our minds in prayer and songs to our Father in heaven. We as parents need to lift our children up in prayer daily. 

I believe that is our first and most important role as parents, until the day we die. There is a big world out there for our babies to conquer on their own. They need to know the love of God and that he is always with them through thick and thin and we as parents will stand beside them and help and encourage. Thank you, Jesus.


  Dear Jesus, I pray my children will learn to keep their children in prayer when they become parents. Amen  

Proverbs 17:6 Children’s children are a crown to the aged and parents are the pride of their children.


Dear Jesus, I lift my precious children up to you, put hope in their hearts for the things they can not see or understand in their life. But to have hope and trust in you Lord. Amen

Psalm 42:5 Why are you downcast, 0 my soul? Why so disturbed within me put your hope in God.


 Lord Jesus, I pray you will be a shield of protection around my children as they travel to school, work and activities. Lord, bless all whom are traveling, shield my children from another’s carelessness. Amen.

Psalm 5:11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. ... Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.


Lord Maker of All
I pray as my children grow
in their belief
they will learn to keep their faith
And not let others discourage them...
Malachi 2:10 Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?


Dear Lord, I pray that you may keep any temptation from my children, of any temptation that may hurt them or anyone in their lives. And if they shall fall into any temptation, let them know that You are with them. And will be with them always. Amen.
Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 


Dear Loving Jesus, I pray that my children will show respect to one another, and that others will show respect back to them, regardless of their age or position in life, for You say in Your word to show proper respect to everyone.
1 Peter 2:17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.


Lord Jesus, I pray that my children will never have to come into contact with abuse in their lives, whether it be mental, verbal or physical. Or take part in it. I pray You will give warning before it becomes a problem in their lives or another's life. For you know, Jesus, what it is like to be mistreated as you were condemned to the cross... Amen

Psalm 51:4 Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest.


Lord of All, I lift my children to you to guide and give them instruction as to how they should live, for at times I cannot be with them. For you, Lord, are their Heavenly Father who knows more of them than anybody else. Amen.

Proverbs 1:7  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.


Dear Jesus, I pray that my children will learn how to love themselves and to love others--even if they are not like them. Amen.

Matthew 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Hi Mom! Happy Mother's Day! This day is quite an unusual Mother's Day for me... First, I realize that I am older now, than you were when you left to be with God... I remember just how hard you had to work to raise four children on your own. I admired you greatly then, and I still admire how you ensured that all your children were dressed and in church every time the doors opened it seemed... And that you taught us such a work ethic that all of us worked hard in all ways, just as you did...

So, this week, I'm so grateful to Jill Renee Grimm who is a guest poet to celebrate Mother's Day. I met her just this week, when she cut my hair in preparation of heading to the hospital again, for surgery... You probably know this, but I had brain surgery last year to remove a tumor, which was successful, except, maybe for my right eye...which I will be checking out further after the 18th of this month, when I head back to the hospital to have a hip replacement! Every time I think of it, I remember that you were always afraid of falling and breaking a hip. As a LPN you knew it could result in your being a burden for us... Ironically, my hip began degenerating, so it may be that you were right in worrying about your possible fall... I'm so glad that you died quietly in your sleep...and never had to be away from home at that time.

I also was taken back into our earlier life when I learned that Ms Grimm, was not related to Gwen and her family with whom we grew up. I obviously thought of Kenny, my first boyfriend who gave me a kitten from his family's farm...and I've been a cat lover ever since...not so much with Kenny...LOL... who, if you recall, was allowed to date earlier than I was...
Two of your children are there in Heaven with you. Plus both of your sons-in-law. And our beloved nephew... Should be a grand reunion some day! Till then Tracey and her daughter, Rachel are my sometimes care givers these days... Rachel is a new Mom of my great-great-nephew with whom I've had the chance to  enjoy having the time to be with a young child for the first time in my family life... Avery is just wonderful! And he looks at me and smiles broadly, especially when I sing to him... He is a beautiful great-great-great-grandson for you to check out sometime if you haven't already...

So, I'm online finishing a blog article to celebrate your Day! And all Mothers Everywhere! Cool, right? You died while I was at work, so I didn't get to be with you, in time to say, again, I Love You! But I think the entire family realized that, because most of us always say I Love you every time we talk...we learned a hard lesson...But, on the other hand, I know that you knew we all loved you, respected you, and valued all that you had done for us in all things...

And, one of these day, Mom... and the time is getting closer and closer... when God feels His plan for me has been taken care of!

Until then, See you then With a big Hug...I Love You!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Jill Renee Grimm Shares Poetic Words from Her Book, Poems From The Heart...

 I decided to write a poetry book for I love poetry and believe that the Lord would want me to use my talent. I believe that poetry fills the soul with words that give a lift, either when in grief, anger disappointment or feelings of love and passion. Words of writing express our feelings that are hidden-- that we cannot express to another, so writing relieves the feelings in our heart and mind. I do hope and pray this poetry will lift a person that has experienced the things I've seen and went through and feel in their heart for something or someone else... I believe in teaching children at a young age to express their words, I believe totally in communication in a marriage or other relationships... Thank you for allowing me to share with you... Jill

God Made You Mine 

I just care that God made you mine. 
I may cross the country and cross the sea
 and find no other.
 I may live in a shack or mansion
 but I care only that you are mine. 
In this world of aloneness
 my heart sings your name. 
I want our hearts to meet always
 to go through the storms of life together.
 I just care that God made you mine.
 If thunder sounds and trumpets blow 
I just want to know you’re there. 
Through ever dance I pray, 
 that God will keep you as mine.

Carousel Ride

I keep going in circles like a carousel
never seems like I'm going anywhere
Just round and round and 
needing but never getting
Never seems like I'm going anywhere
Just around and round and
needing but never getting
I'm always left out in the dark
and pushed aside on this carousel ride
I thought carousels were to be fun
but this carousel ride is lonely all the time
I ask, Is this carousel ride I'm on
a fabrication of my mind
I look in the mirror and say
is it me or them...
that's riding on the carousel of loneliness...

Autumn A Time For A Change 

Autumn has many colors many changes, I see 
Autumn a beautiful season a change set before me.
 Today, I say to myself I need a change 
only one can make it happen. 
One change I need to see is 
to walk in love again and feel love.
 May I see and feel each change coming this season.
 Every day has a Season and a reason, 
to fall in love, hate, cry, heal and die.
May I see and feel each change coming this season.
 Every day has a Season and a reason, 
to fall in love, hate, cry, heal and die. 
to die, without love inside. 
I left that behind 
when I found you… 

Words Are Written 

Words are written in the sky 
of love that came and love gone by, 
but my words are written
 on the petals with love
 each petal speaks of our undying love.
 The fragrance is sweet
 as your lips that speak words to me
 I long to hear. 
It’s touched by heaven and reached by me,
 that it's your love that stands beside me.
 Every scent lingers near 
as the words written from above, 
petals as soft like the kisses you give,
 for every word is touched by love... 

Always Remember

It's early in the morning
a new day to begin
Just remember to pray
You can tell me all your pain
all the wrongs and lonely days
Always remember I love you
I walk beside you throughout the day
Just trust me
It's early in the morning
Remember to pray for each other
every sickness, disaster or death
I heal the broken hearted
My love never ends
Every decision you make,
make it with me.
Speak to me in every choice
and just trust in me.
Give thanks before you see it
Every morning you wake
It's there throughout the day.
You've got to have your eyes open
to see and...Believe...
Just trust in Me
And always, once you trust in me
Pray for the forgotten, 
and redeemed forgiveness and love
I give
And I give it to you this day,
First thing in the morning...