Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Uncle Amos Shares Delightful Children's Book, Mike and Pinky...

Father and Mother Turtle lived in a pond surrounded by a field. They had two children named Mike and Pinky.

Mike was older and liked to daydream. He and his grandfather, who was also named Mike, often walked together in the woods.

Pinky had a beautiful pink spot on his shell that he was quite proud of. All of the creatures who lived in the field said that they could see Pinky coming for miles.

Mike and Pinky 

By Uncle Amos

Uncle Amos is a very generous and loving man who started writing down his stories, as requested by his four grandsons... and for parents who might be interested in purchasing this book for their children, he has provided the entire book on the above video by a wonderful reader. I am certain you'll find it a short but important learning experience about realizing what you have and being thankful...

Uncle Amos also routinely provides his e-books free for a short time and I happened to get a copy when he posted it on my Reviewers Roundup Group on Facebook. This is my first time reading his books, but I am quite willing to highly recommend this book of 46 pages, as one I can see being carried around by...your...child,asking for somebody to read it ! LOL 

And if you want to teach him what a turtle really looks like, here is an interesting teaching video of Mike and Pinky, or their friends...

The artwork to accompany the story is delightful and is sure to capture the attention of small children... With each turtle having a name and a way to tell them apart, they will soon be able to call each turtle by his own name, making it a much more personal experience of knowing twins!

One issue that has been addressed but may remain hidden without special attention. That is, that the home of the turtles was destroyed by man without regard to the wild life living in the vicinity. Certainly this is a cause for concern and leaves way for wild life to become extinct if man constantly does nothing when they just start to bulldoze land!

I find it amazing how writers can consider such a story and bring about a learning process without making a special point within the narrative!

But one day, Mike saw many big machines drive into the field. There had never been machines in the field before. The machines carried lumber and tools and big men who didn't care about   turtles. The men built a house right on top of the turtles' home.
But father and mother turtle were gone, and their woodland friends were   nowhere to be seen.

Please note that everybody had been destroyed by these men, except Mike and Pinky...

Lots to be consider in such a short book and several opportunities for parents and grandparents to discuss what was happening as they read the book to younger children...

I thought it was especially clever to have the book end as it did...again, helping children understand that they don't realize what they have until somebody tells and teaches them.

A thoroughly enjoyable treat for children...Do check it out further...


Uncle Amos started writing children's books at the request of his four grandsons, now aged nine, six, and three (Twins). His stories, which tackle the problems of growing up with humor and fun, are beloved of his family and hundreds of others.

If your children really get interested in Mike and Pinky, you might want to use the characters to create a turtle!

And if they are soon into Ninja Turtles...and drawing..., well... here's one for them!