Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jie Zhang Brings Her Beautiful Life to Readers Through Poetry...

In life, there are too many memorable moments, this book records those fleeting stories and feeling, the book share with you the impossible good memories which will never appear again, I believe these poems can strengthen our confidence, enhance spirit pursuit and create the beautiful future.

Beautiful Life

By Jie Zhang

When I meet somebody from another country, I automatically consider the language difference...to me,  she is the foreigner; to her I am...I have no understanding of her language; therefore, I must forgive her not being totally fluent in mine... I hope other readers agree because I chose not to consider that as I read her poetry...and found my favorite (of course)

The cat loves to greet

For the first time, silently, 
You stood outside the elevator,
Eyes were full of curious,
When cold door closed,
You just looked at me quietly,
Until I disappeared in the elevator,
No close or ran away.
Did my eyes let you give up fear?
In that sunny day,
You stood in the bushes and looked at 
me, meow, meow,
I saw you, silently
Without hesitation, you came up to me,
naturally and gracefully,
With cats special way rub my leg.
I touched your head, say "hello" to you,
You showed cute body completely.
Not enough food in every single day,
Looked at my empty bag,
You shouted loudly, meow, meow,
Did you scold me a foot or hate me
not to give you food?
Stood under the night you looked at
me and disappear in the elevator,
Remained silent.
Day passed again and again,
Still green grass, where are you?
Black and white,
Leave for life!

The poem about a stray cat spoke to me since a number of my own are feral strays that have come for food...I can imagine how the young girl felt--having found a friend, only to be unable to provide food for him... and have him forced to leave to survive... This poem told me much about the writer...

The  topic and tone of the poetry throughout this book of thirty-three stories are all about daily life and can suggest to readers that, indeed, it can be a beautiful life if you consider those special moments all of us experience, but don't take time to notice the emotions that are elicited... To set that feeling, here is how she starts her book... Just these few lines shows us how to stop and think and realize how fast time is gone, never to be available again...

Life is like running water never return
Life slip away rapidly in the eyes of a busy man,
Life is slow and boring in the eyes of a non-working man,
Everyone's life is different,
But no one will leave the life,
Even if the body is dead,
But the spirit is still living in the spiritual world.

Life is a process.
If you experience it carefully,
You are no longer childish,
Because the sour, sweet, bitter, 
spicy are price of growing up.

Life is your creation,
You can't abandon yourself,
Because every second and point
you experienced is a life,
You just lack the tools of recording life.

We shouldn't complain about life,
Although life expectation is far away from you.

Your efforts for the lives of others,
Let your world full of beauty,
Let your future live forever.


Even with the language differences, I found a personal response to what the author was saying, and found her sentiments much like my own... In fact, I feel I got to know the author a little as I read her work... What could possibly be more conducive to becoming friends than reading their own profound thoughts...  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jie Zhang!

Do check out her poetic life she offers to her readers!


My name is Jie Zhang who loves life very much, I work in Hoqing Consulting Company(http://www.hoqing.com), and I'm responsible for consulting projects. Actually I enjoy my works and get experiences from working, my team members are good and we are designing new ways to help clients create values. I enjoy reading books, sometimes I will share my reviews with you.

Meanwhile I'm very glad to share some stories with readers, so I wrote and published novel "Heart Of Red River", business book "Cultural Challenges" which is about investment, "Emotion Means Fortune" which is about career design, book series"Beginning" and poetry "Expression Of Love" which can be found on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords. I also published app "Mysterious English" which can be found in Google play store, some videos like" The cat loves to greet" and " Evil Game 1" could be found on Youtube.com. Of course new works are on the way.

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